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Kenichi is a versatile filmmaker experienced in directing, screenwriting, producing, and acting in the US and Japan. Click on each thumbnail. Discover his achievements.



As an actor, director, screenwriter and producer, he has made a name for himself in the United States. He played one of the lead roles in "Interwoven" (2016) with Monique, who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the film "Precious". His short film "Tengu" (2013), which he directed, starred in and wrote, won the Best Short Film Award at the Los Angeles Thriller Film Festival. He also wrote the screenplay for "Crimson Pledge" (2014). He is bilingual in English and Japanese.


Height: 6 
Weight: 159 lb 
Eye color: Brown 
Hair color: Black 

Acting Experience 

"Interwoven" Lead Role  Dir. VW Scheich (Starring: Monique (Academy Award winner))
"Teng" Lead Role  Dir. Kenichi Iwabuchi (Los Angeles Thriller Film Festival: Won)
"Solemn" Lead Role Dir. Ryan Price
"In Full Bloom" Supporting Role Dir. Adam VillaSanor
"The Book of the Damned" Lead Role Dir. Sonny P. Louis
"Nude Nuns With Big Guns" Supporting Role Dir. Joseph Guzman 
"Treasure of The Black Jaguar" Supporting Role Dir. Mike Bruce 
"Puppet Master X: Axis Rising" Supporting Role Dir. Charles Band 
"Underbelly Blues" Supporting Role Dir. Phil Messerer 

"FlashForward" #9 Co-Guest Star  ABC 
"Gene Simmons Family Jewels" Myself  A&E TV 
"The Jeff Dunham Show" Myself  Comedy Central 
National Geographic" Co-Guest Star (VO)  National Geographic Channel
"Heroine Legends" #12 Co-Guest Star Cross the Line Films

"Honda" Lead Role Dir. Timothy Kendall 
"Cheetos" Lead Role Dir. Mike Maguire 
"LG" Lead Role Dir. Daniel Kaufman 
"Cox Communications" Lead Role Dir. Arni & Kinski 
"Little Caesar's" Lead Role Dir. Harold Einstein 

Awards (for "Tengu")
Los Angeles Thriller Film Festival: Won Best Short Film
Los Angeles International New Wave Film Festival: Won Honorable Mention 
Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival: Won Honorable Mention

Kickboxing / Karate / Nunchaku / Japanese English Bilingual

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