is a director, writer, producer and actor in Japan and the US. As a director, his film, Tengu (2013), won Best short film in The Los Angeles Thriller Film festival and others. As a writer, he wrote Crimson Pledge (2014) in Japanese and screened not only in Japan but also in Hollywood. As an actor, he played one of the leading roles in Interwoven (2016), starring Mo'Nique, Academy Award winner in Precious. He also wrote and produced Phase Q (2020), which is still under pre-production. 


He was a manager for a model agency in Tokyo for several years before coming to the US. Since inspired by David Fincher, he decided to move to America in his thirties and had been in the US until 2017. He had managed his company WildBlue Entertainments during these days and produced some productions, including Into Darkness (2016), Bear Tours (2015) and directed some TV commercials. He also appeared in ABC's FlashForward (2012) and some national TV commercials as an actor. When he came back to Japan, he produced The Catastrophic Roar (2018). 


His favorite style is drama and thriller. Since he had experience of working for the companies and studied acting in several methods, Kenichi has a detailed knowledge of observing human beings. These skills are fully exploited in directing, writing and producing the films. Especially in directing, he is good at eliciting actor's feelings and shooting them visually. From his perspective, he can dramatize emotion in some ways, such as crime, thriller, tragedy and even comedy sometimes. 


He would take advantage of being Japanese who knows different cultures internationally for making the films, especially after coming back to Japan. He could be the only film maker in Japan who can have a realistic point of view about Japan & America right now. Knowing both cultures deeply would be a driving force for creating prestigious projects.

Awards: (for "Tengu")

Los Angeles Thriller Film Festival: Won Best Short Film

Los Angeles Intl Underground FF: Won Honorable Mention

Los Angeles New Wave Intl FF: Won Honorable Mention