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is a film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor in Japan and the United States. As a director, his film Tengu (2013) won Best short film at The Los Angeles Thriller Film festival. As a screenwriter, he wrote "Crimson Pledge" (2014) in Japanese, which was screened in Hollywood as well as in Japan. As an actor, he played one of the lead roles in Interwoven (2016), starring Mo'Nique, who won an Oscar for Precious. He also wrote and produced "Phase Q" (2020), which is still in pre-production.


He came to the US after working for several years as a manager at a modeling agency in Tokyo. Since being inspired by David Fincher, he decided to move to the US in his 30s and stayed there until 2017. During that time, he ran his own company, WildBlue Entertainments, and produced films such as Into Darkness (2016) and Bear Tours (2015), as well as directed TV commercials. As an actor, he also appeared in ABC's FlashForward (2012) and in TV commercials across the United States. Since returning to Japan, he has produced The Catastrophic Roar (2018).


His favorite styles are drama and thriller. Having worked in the corporate world and having learned acting through several methods, Kenichi has a detailed knowledge of observing people. These abilities are fully utilized in directing, writing, and producing films. In his directing work, he is particularly adept at drawing out the feelings of the actors and visualizing them. His point of view allows him to dramatize emotions in crime, thrillers, tragedies, and sometimes comedies.


Especially when he comes back to Japan, he will make films using the fact that he is a Japanese who knows international and different cultures. He may be the only filmmaker in Japan who can give a realistic perspective on Japan and America today. His in-depth knowledge of the cultures of both countries will be a driving force in creating an excellent project.

Awards: (for "Tengu")

Los Angeles Thriller Film Festival: Won Best Short Film

Los Angeles Intl Underground FF: Won Honorable Mention

Los Angeles New Wave Intl FF: Won Honorable Mention

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