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Actor/Director/Producer/Writer living in Tokyo. Bilingual in English and Japanese.

Kenichi Iwabuchi


is a versatile film director, screenwriter, producer, and actor with a presence in both Japan and the United States. His achievements in the industry are commendable. In the realm of acting, Kenichi played a significant role in "Interwoven" (2016), a film featuring Mo'Nique, an Oscar winner for her performance in "Precious." The film he directed "Tengu" (2013) won the Best Short Film award at The Los Angeles Thriller Film Festival. As a talented screenwriter, he wrote "Crimson Pledge" (2014) in Japanese, which received screenings in both Hollywood and Japan. Moreover, he has taken on the roles of writer and producer for "Phase Q" (2020).

Kenichi's journey in the film industry began after several years as a manager at a Tokyo-based modeling agency. He made the bold decision to relocate to the United States in his 30s. During his time there, he founded WildBlue Entertainments, his own company, and successfully produced films like "Into Darkness" (2016) and "Bear Tours" (2015). In TV commercials, he appeared in Cheetos, Honda, Little Caesars, and others across the United States. He also ventured into directing TV commercials and even appeared on ABC's "FlashForward" (2012). 

With a diverse background, he keenly observes people and creates genuine compelling visual stories. As a Japanese filmmaker with a deep understanding of international cultures, his films resonate worldwide. His profound knowledge drives him to pursue excellence in every project.

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